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Where Registration Fees are Charged:

Registration for this event is through our website. Upon successful registration, an email will be automatically sent to you with a confirmation number. Please keep this confirmation number for future reference and to communicate with us respecting this

Registration fees may be paid by:

Using a credit card through the online payment option. This will take you to a secure site operated by PayPal.


If invoices are issued for registration fees or sponsorship and are paid by credit card through PayPal, then a 4% service charge will apply.

Cancellations/Substitute Attendees:

All registration fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the event, you may transfer your registration to another person. Please contact us to advise who will be taking your place.


The attendees, by registering to attend, consent to the distribution of their name and address to sponsors for information distribution purposes.

Limitation of Liability:

ETP is not responsible for any accident, injury (including death), direct damages, indirect damages (including economic loss), costs or losses, suffered while attending, traveling to/from, or traveling between the events, even due to negligence (including gross negligence) of ETP, its employees, servants, agents and contractors.

ETP accepts no responsibility for any loss incurred while using materials or information obtained at ETP events.

ETP is not a bailee for any goods, materials, products, or any other article(s) left at the events.

Any issue regarding copyright, material, and compliance with any intellectual property law is the responsibility of the speaker(s) and ETP is not responsible for any infringements as a result of theft, plagiarism, libel, slander or any misuse of any material.

ETP reserves the right to amend or cancel any event or event times and dates. This includes changes to speakers, content and programme. In the likely occurrence of an event cancellation, ETP will return payments received in advance. ETP will not,
however, refund any costs incurred as a result of this cancellation. ETP is not liable for any direct and indirect damages (including economic loss), losses, or costs due to any change or cancellation of the events.